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Strategy Execution Management (SEM)

Strategy Execution Management (SEM)

Help small and medium-sized business (SMBs) cut through the noise and invest
on the highest value companywide improvements.

Document Strategic Business Drivers

Maintain key business drivers ensuring that technology planning is aligned with what matters most.

Business Relationship Management

Captures the key stakeholders and records their institutional knowledge and relationship to technology.

Demand Management

Maintain all ideas for information technology improvements in a central demand inventory, perform demand assessments, and generate impact analysis.

Perform Demand Assessments
Generate Impact Analysis
Maintain Demand inventory

Technology Strategic Planning

Technology strategic planning assesses what investments and technologies will achieve business goals while also considering the impact of funding them.

Technology Financial Management

Enables team members to maintain key financial metrics and record the annual investment for the entire technology spend.

Maintain Key Financial Metrics
Administer Portfolio Based Budgeting
Administer asset values using financial metrics as root values