Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

The following are some of the main features for GetlnSync Virtual CIO Management Platform

Key Account Management

Key account management is an important part of maintaining mutually beneficial relationships, promoting long-term partnerships, and ensuring the success of an organization.

  • Tracks the prioritization of ideas ensuring that project ideas align with the business goals and that the existing technology is used to maximum return on investment, and directing IT strategy in support of the overall business strategy.
  • One interactive dashboard tracks IT portfolios, so you have the visibility and insights you need to provide exceptional key account management-and drive shared success.
  • People and Relationship Management
  • Application & Technology Owners
  • Application & Technology Experts
  • Application & Technology Primary Support
  • Create Client Database
  • Generate vCIO Dashboard
  • Perform vCIO Training
  • Analyze clients’ risks

Client Workspace Configuration and Administration

The 8 ‘Ates’

The Business-IT Partner Journey

Maximize Your IT

You will learn to see the IT initiatives with the greatest return on investment. The GetInSync software takes the guesswork out of the decision making process with real data that helps you make informed decisions.
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GetInSync platform includes templates to be applied to projects or reports, as well as marketing material and training

Apply Report Templates


Apply Project Templates


Publish Framework Playbook


Distribute Marketing Collateral


Attend On-Demand Training


Attend Weekly Live Community


Attend Weekly Live Training

Portfolio Weighting

Customize Business Factors

Customize and Weigh Technology Factors

Configure Project Budget Weighting

Configure Project Schedule Weighting

Configure Project Scope Weighting

Configure Project Resources Weighting

Configure Project Size Weighting

Ease of use

Easiest Onboarding

The GetInSync method uses a learn-by-doing approach that walks you through every step of the framework and implements the method along the way, saving time and money

Easiest to learn

The web-based design is (really) simple to use with no learning curve.

Easiest to buy

Simple monthly payment terms. Cancel anytime, no long-term contact.

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