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Five Reasons To Buy

These are the 5 main reasons to consider GetinSync for MSPs:

  1. BEST Strategy Execution Management
  2. BEST Program and Project Portfolio Management
  3. BEST Application & Technology Portfolio Management
  4. BEST Business Intelligence & Reporting
  5. EASIEST to use for SMBs

These are some bold claims – let’s look at each of these in detail…

Challenges – Five Reasons to Buy

1. BEST Strategy Execution Management

Includes common features like demand management and impact analysis which helps small and medium-sized businesses determine the right technology strategy. Unlike alternatives that focus on speeds and feeds using geek speak, GetInSync produces strategy using business language and manages technology as a business investment.

Document Strategic Business Drivers

Simply put, business drivers form the criteria that test investment decisions focusing scarce resources on what matters most. GetInSync maintains key business drivers ensuring that technology planning is aligned with what matters most.

Business-Technology Strategic Planning

Business and IT alignment leverages information technology effectively to achieve the desired business strategy. GetInSync helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) cut through the noise and invest in the highest value companywide

Technology Financial Management

Enables team members to maintain key financial metrics and record the annual investment for the entire technology spend, which puts you in control by using plain business language and dollars and cents.

High-level Project Planning

Track project by linking all the critical interrelationships between programs, project, applications, Technology Services, People, and processes. Avoids unexpected consequences, removes risk, and eliminates disruption to operations.

Program and Project Vitals

Track programs and their projects, status, budget, schedule, scope, and resources. Everyone in the organization can quickly see potential problems and quickly react so projects stay on course.

2. BEST Program and Project Portfolio Management

Includes common features like tracking project stages, project objectives and project timelines which are all needed to help small and medium-sized businesses prioritize their investments. However, unlike alternative applications that overcomplicate the management of programs and projects, GetInSync simplifies the process.

Programs & Project Repository

Programs, projects and their related objectives and key performance indicators are maintained in one, online, single database. Enabling anyone with the need-to-know to have real-time read access to their respective managerial data.

3. BEST Application & Technology Portfolio Management

Includes common features like technology inventory and service catalog which are needed to help small and medium-size businesses manage the critical technical infrastructure. Unlike alternatives, GetInSync ties business applications to processes – enabling owners to spot opportunities to tackle process challenges.

Maintain Processes Supported by Application

Links processes to the business applications using a standard process reference framework. Direct investments to the highest value improvements.

Application Integration Data Flow

Tracks key data exchanged between applications. Documents where important information is stored, promotes data sharing, and streamline operations.

4. BEST Business Intelligence & Reporting

Includes common features like exporting data to MS Excel and dashboard which help small and medium-sized businesses collaborate and coordinate activities. Unlike alternatives, GetInSync provides user-customizable dashboards enabling drill-down to instantly shift from an overview of data to a more detailed and granular view.

Multimatrix Report View

Enables “What-if” scenario planning using pivot tables and offline data analytics.
Easily share data with others and collaborate, spot potential opportunities and connections among and between investments.

Real-time Technology Health Dashboard

Visualize relationships between the business score, technology score and the criticality of applications, programs, and projects. Quickly assess where misalignment between the business and technology occurs using easy-to-read bubble charts and business over technology factors.

Generate Detailed Asset Investment Report

Track and measure the dependencies, constraints, and support for each investment in the portfolio. Enables business owners to rank investment factors using money as the common denominator.

5. EASIEST for SMB’s

There are numerous vCIO programs for multi-billion dollar organizations, but they are too expensive, overly complicated, and require courses to learn, or a fleet of consultants—way overkill for the small companies that need the same information.

Easiest Onboarding

The GetInSync method uses a learn-by-doing approach walks you through every step of the framework and implements the method along the way, saving time and money.

Easiest to Learn

The web-based design is (really) simple to use with no learning curve.

Easiest to Buy

Simple monthly payment terms. Cancel anytime, no long-term contract.