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The #1 Risk For MSPs is Becoming a Faceless Supplier
— James Vickery, Author Infinite Scale

If you’re not regularly having conversations with your clients, customers and their employees about the opportunities for their businesses and helping to grow their revenues, solve business problems, or reduce cost – then you’re a faceless supplier and at risk of being commoditized and replaced with the lowest bidder.

It’s not too late, we can help.

Challenges – The #1 Risk for MSPs is Becoming a Faceless Supplier


According to industry insights, 80% of businesses are so fed up with their managed service provider that they’re looking to fully replace these services within the next year.

Businesses no longer tolerate a faceless technology vendor with a passive “order taker” mentality.

Chaos and Inefficiency

Your customer conducts a budget review and starts questioning why they have an MSP. They are annoyed and feel ripped off because they are left to “fend for themselves” where it matters most: managing their business applications!

Customer Service uses a chat app, sales uses Keap CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, HR uses Bamboo HR, Accounting uses QuickBooks, Payroll uses ADP, Marketing uses HubSpot, Hootsuite and WordPress Client portal, and who knows what other ten duplicate “people” databases!

To add insult to injury, the business wastes days of staff time each month, re-entering the same data over and over and cutting and pasting data into MS Excel to generate reports!

No coordination, no budget controls, and all these systems add 10x the system cost – no wonder technology expense is so HIGH!

You’re getting blamed

So, what happens?… THEY BLAME THE MSP and hire
a vCIO who quickly points out that you are merely the “IT guy” that keeps selling them all the separate systems and not driving long-term growth by helping with technology strategic initiatives.

You become the “IT guy”

You’re busted! The thinly disguised quarterly business reviews (QBR) you provided your customer are exposed for what they really are – a self-serving sales pitches to “sell more stuff”.

The new vCIO brings in their own technology team and creates a customized strategic roadmap tailored specifically to the client’s organization.

Your “soft underbelly” is exposed, and you get gutted like a FISH. You’re out.

You’re handed a pink slip that reads, “SERVICES NO LONGER REQUIRED“. Now you’re off to do more prospecting (your favorite task) only to get shampooed (rinse and repeat) again.

So, how do you elevate you MSP so you don’t get relegated as the IT guy, and put a mature vCIO solution in place, so you can provide both tactical and STRATEGIC value to your accounts before the newly created budget exposes your weakness…. QUICKLY before you get replaced (again)?

Perhaps you should consider…

Perhaps you should consider…