Program & Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

The following are some of the main features for GetlnSync Virtual CIO Management Platform

Program Portfolio Management

Aligns strategic business drivers and their projects with corporate wide programs.

Align Strategic Business Drives with Programs

Aligh Projects with Programs

Define data about initiatives with associated programs & projects

Project Portfolio Management

  • Manage project capacity, project prioritization, project resources, & project reporting across company.
  • Clarify business objectives, capture, and research requests and ideas.

Programs & Project Repository

Identifies the most important differentiators between projects, such as return on investment, risk, efficiency, or strategic alignment.

High-level Project Planning

  • Track project by linking all the critical interrelationships between programs, project, applications, IT services, people, and processes.
  • Avoids unexpected consequences, removes risk, and eliminates disruption to operations.
  • Fillable Project Charters
  • Align Project with Strategic Business Drivers
  • Record Project Type, Stage, Sponsor, Manager
  • Link Project to Initiated Individual / Idea

Program and Project Vitals

Track programs and their projects, status, budget, schedule, scope, and resources.

  • Monitor Project Budget Status
  • Monitor Project Schedule
  • Track Project Scope & Value
  • Track Project Resources