Technology Portfolio Management (TPM)

A compilation of information about a firms investments in Information Technology.The information is organized to show how these investments support the firm’s goals and to demonstrate the relationships among current and planned investments.

Technology Inventory

Create a service catalog of the critical technical infrastructure.
Set standards & reduces the time and cost of delivering technical services and improves the user experience.

  • Manage service catalog
  • Manage service attribute details
  • Third party data feed
  • Record technology vendor
  • Record technology manufacturers
  • Maintain computing types
  • Maintain IT service lifecycle state
  • Record platform type
  • Link inflight projects to IT service
  • Technology adoption scoring
  • Perform digital needs assessment
  • Perform assessments and audits

IT Service Dependencies

Links technical infrastructure to the business applications that it supports. Identify the critical business processes ensuring money is budgeted to support the essential business applications.

  • Is Used By Application
  • Is Used By IT Service

Technology Assessments

Generate IT Health Score. Understand the technical maturity and organization capabilities. Focus investments on the larger gaps.

Generate IT Health Score

Model Technical Services to a Technical Classification Framework

Search the portfolio by organization, division, and business unit

Search portfolio by people, project, program, innovation, asset, initiative

Search portfolio by application, IT service, processes, info, human capital

Technology Assessments

Data management involves the collection, storage, analysis, and sharing of data within an organization

Investment Data

Support discovery, project, and asset (including applications) investments

Maintain unlimited investment types in a single portfolio

Include multiple standard investment types.

Supports discovery, project, and asset (including application) investments

Supports other investment types

Allow unlimited user-defined investment types

Portfolio can contain multiple investment types

Enables a top-down or bottom-up approach

Repository data

A data repository offers a consolidated space to store information about the stored data critical to your applications and operations

Business intelligence & reporting

Prepare and analyze data to find and share actionable insights. visualize relationships between the business score, technology score and the criticality of applications, programs, and projects.

  • Export data to Excel. Easily share data with others and collaborate, spot potential opportunities and connections among and between investments.
  • Override default calculations.
  • Correlations and covariances among investments.
  • Real-time IT Health Dashboard.
  • Publish application health scores.
  • Completely customizable. Select subjective ratings and specify criteria functions and analytics.
  • Track and measure dependencies, constraints, and support for each investment.
  • Generate detailed asset investment report to measure the dependencies, constraints, and support for each investment in the portfolio.