Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis (IIPA)

The following are some of the main features for GetInSync Virtual CIO Management Platform

Application Portfolio Management

Provides clear insight into the number of applications in use, their value contribution, supporting technologies and life cycle.

Business Application Inventory

Manage and prioritize application investments as well as lifecycle state, criticality, and vendor/manufacturer details.

Manage application investments key business priorities/strategic drivers

Manage the application investments multidimensionally

Prioritize application investments by specified prioritization

Categorize IT investments and show redundancies

Manage a collection of application as a suite

  • Administer application vendor details
  • Administer application manufacturers details
  • Capture application types
  • Maintain application lifecycle state
  • Link inflight projects to application(s)
  • Link application(s) to one or more portfolios
  • Administer application count
  • Track application criticality and disaster recovery planning
  • Enables building hierarchies of investment types
  • Enables movement of any investment to any location in any portfolio
  • Enables investments to reside in multiple portfolios with traceability
  • Organize portfolios for different organization and business needs

Process Centric Roadmaps & Capabilities

  • Process centric approach to application classification using the APQC Process Classification Framework.
  • Link processes supported by applications and map the related application dependencies.
  • Link Processes supported by Application
  • Categorize applications using APQC Process Classification Framework
  • Map the related application dependencies

Program Portfolio Management

  • Score business and technology application factors to support total portfolio annual investment, application license counts and cost tracking.
  • Maintain support, operational and developmental as well as compute and platform investments.
  • Score business application factors
  • Score technology application factors
  • Maintain total portfolio annual investment
  • Maintain application license count
  • Maintain license cost tracking
  • Maintain support, operation & development investment
  • Maintain processes supported by application links processes to the business applications using a standard process reference framework
  • Administer target retirement candidates

Application Integration Data Flow

Tracks key data exchanged between applications. Documents where important information is stored, promotes data sharing, and streamlines operaations.

  • Model Application-Application Data Flow
  • Capture data entities and flow direction
  • Capture data transport method
  • Capture data entities (tags)

Programs & Project Repository

Identifies the most important differentiators between projects, such as return on investment, risk, efficiency, or strategic alignment.

Application Dependencies

Enables modeling of application-to-IT service, application-to- application connectivity, and context diagrams.

  • Model Application-to-IT Service
  • Model Application-to-Application Connectivity
  • Model Context Diagrams
  • Record Portfolio Notes